Reservation Conditions

Reservation Conditions

Reservation Conditions


1. USE OF THE VEHICLE. The lessee receives the vehicle for rent and undertakes to conserve them and drive the vehicle, complying with the regulations of the Traffic Code.
2. It is expressly forbidden:
a) Transporting people or merchandise, when this directly or indirectly involves subleasing the vehicle.
b) Driving the vehicle unauthorized persons in the contract
c) Driving the vehicle at the disadvantage of physical conditions, motivated by alcohol, drugs, fatigue or illness.
d) Use the vehicle to push or tow others.
e) Participate with the vehicle in sports events.
f) Unsealing or tampering with the odometer, must immediately notify the Lessor of any damage to the same.
g) It is forbidden to take the vehicle from the island, unless written authorization from the lessor.

2. RETURN OF THE VEHICLE. The vehicle will be returned at the place and date stipulated in the rental agreement. Any alteration must be previously authorized by the landlord. The rent is 24 hours, after 30 minutes of this time, the Landlord may charge an extra day.
Failure to comply with this condition entitles the Landlord to judicially request the return of the vehicle.

3. CHARGES OF THE RENT. The Tenant accepts to pay in addition to the charges for rental of the vehicle and taxes, determined in the current rates, those caused by the loss, theft or theft of accessories and car keys, minimum value € 150, documents, valued at € 30. As well as all kinds of fines and legal expenses motivated by traffic infractions or infringement of Laws, regulations or ordinances on the part of the Renter.
The application of the initially agreed fare is subject to the return of the vehicle to the place and date foreseen.

4. INSURANCE. The insurance arranged by the Landlord, covers the tenant and drivers authorized by the contract, against civil liability (damages to third parties) for a limited amount of € 50,000 bail and legal defense that could be required of the driver. The responsibility of the Lessee with respect to the damage caused to the leased vehicle, is fully covered in the cases of theft and fire and limited to the corresponding franchise, according to the rate that is in force. The tenant by means of a complementary charge can be exempted from this responsibility, in the tourism vehicles. It is expressly excluded from the insurance guarantee, loss, theft or damage caused to goods transported in the leased vehicle.
Damage to tires and tires will be borne by the customer.
The cargo vans and minibuses have a franchise, which will be in force at the current rate.

5. ACCIDENTS. The lessee will take the following measures, in case of accident suffered with the leased vehicle.
a) Not recognize or prejudge the responsibility of the act.
b) Obtain full information from the opposing party, completing the form provided with the car's documentation, which will be sent urgently to the Lessor, even calling by telephone in cases of serious accident.
c) Notify the authorities immediately if there is culpability of the opposing party.

6. REPAIRS. The Landlord will be responsible for the expenses incurred during the lease for oil, oil changes and small repairs (except punctures) up to a maximum of € 30 that must be justified with the appropriate receipts or invoices.
It will be essential to obtain the prior authorization of the Landlord to carry out repairs over € 30 or tow the vehicle.

7. RESPONSIBILITY OF THE LESSOR. The leased vehicle is up to date with the mandatory revisions contemplated by the current regulations on Technical Inspection of Vehicles (ITV), and the lessor does not assume any responsibility for the damages that could directly or indirectly cause the lessee due to accidental damage.

8. JURISDICTION. Any discrepancy that arises between the Landlord and the Tenant, will be submitted to jurisdiction of the Courts of Palma de Mallorca, with express resignation to any other.